SEO Consultancy – Clients I’ve Helped

Increasing conversions for a company’s primary online platform via SEO and inbound marketing tactics are the focuses of my SEO consulting service.

Here are a sample of the companies for which I’ve consulted and mentored. References available on request.


Mentoring and speaking for SetSquared, based at the University of Surrey’s Tech Hub. I provided 1-2-1 Clinic Sessions for start-ups that are members of the SetSquared incubator. As part of the 1-2-1 SEO clinic I conducted reviews of companies’ websites.

Here is the list of the start-ups in the SetSquared incubator system to which I offered the free 45 minutes ‘SEO office hours’ sessions.

 SEO consultancy for SetSquared: List of businesses I’ve helped include;

Company Date
Swift Aid September 2017 September 2017
Mumbino September 2017
Missing Lettr May 2018
Staff Circle May 2018
ManagePlaces July 2018
Think Cyber July 2018
Acuity Training July 2018
Fastgardener July 2018 October 2018
Coursecheck October 2018
Clutch Space Systems October 2018
Gamification Nation October 2018
Plum Data October 2018

Warner Music Group

Created and presented an ‘SEO Strategy’ for the internal marketing team of their New York offices.

Surreal Succulents

Carried out a technical website audit and implemented changes to their faceted navigation to help the crawlablility of their products, increasing YoY organic traffic to the site.

Search Awards 2018

I was nominated for the search awards 2018 for Best Local Campaign with ihateironing for delivering over 3000% ROI on a three month onsite content strategy.


GA data

Time is money – especially in the ever-increasing online marketing space

My name is Dylan Yates, and I’m a Reading SEO consultant, whose experience in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) dates back to 2011.

I’ve worked at, Upwork and Blue Array where I help companies to optimise their websites, contribute to SEO development and content marketing efforts, and navigate Google’s algorithm changes.

Digital PR and Link Building

I’ve created product buying guides, unique blog posts, and SEO content for affiliates over the past eight years in Search. My rates align with conversion goals and key performance metrics, such as non-homepage traffic growth and online sales. Full reporting and tracking is implemented.


If you’d like to view a few live samples of my copywriting feel free to read my blog. The standard rate is £1,000 per month for a content strategy, and I can be contacted through my website submission form.

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