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SetSquared – Surrey Tech Hub

Based at the University of Surrey’s Tech Hub, I provided 1-2-1 Clinic Sessions for start-ups that are members of the SetSquared incubator. As part of the 1-2-1 SEO clinic I conducted reviews of companies’ websites and gave 12 month SEO strategies.

Clients I’ve helped to boost the organic reach of via face to face sessions in The University of Surrey’s SetSquared incubator environment:

Company Date
Swift Aid September 2017 September 2017
Mumbino September 2017
Missing Lettr May 2018
Staff Circle May 2018
ManagePlaces July 2018
Think Cyber July 2018
Acuity Training July 2018
Fastgardener July 2018 October 2018
Coursecheck October 2018
Clutch Space Systems October 2018
Gamification Nation October 2018
Plum Data October 2018
Surreal Succulents – Devon

Carried out a technical website audit and implemented changes to their faceted navigation to help the crawlablility of their inventory.

Search Awards 2018

I was nominated for the search awards 2018 for Best Local Campaign with ihateironing for delivering over 3000% ROI on a three month onsite content strategy.

GA data

Driving online growth when time and money are capped

  • Create a culture that thrashes targets and gallops towards milestones
  • What works? Constantly monitor key landing pages and visibility of high-money keywords – where you see growth, double down and increase your velocity to turn qualified inbound leads into revenue
  • Understand what great is and aim for outstanding – 70% of your revenue will come from 30% of your website – max out on the key conversion pages, focussing purely on keywords that drive ROI and diverting your attention from those that don’t
  • I’ve helped companies to optimise landing pages on websites, contributing to SEO development with content and naturally earned backlinks. I help website owners navigate Google’s algorithm changes without being penalised, by building websites on a solid foundation from the ground up.

Giving your business the competitive edge

Increasing conversions for a company’s primary online platform via SEO and inbound marketing tactics are the focuses of my SEO consulting service.

Rates are performance-based – mapped to conversion targets such as non-homepage traffic growth and revenue. Full reporting and tracking are implemented.

You can’t do this alone – advice from an SEO professional can speed up online growth in an industry where speed to market is absolutely essential.

Need SEO support that can give you a competitive edge against authoritative websites with hefty marketing budgets and international teams? I can be contacted through my website submission form.


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