My mission is simple and effective: to quickly accelerate the organic performance of your website by delivering phenomenal ROI.

The digital marketing offering includes:

  • Technical SEO recommendations which provide websites with a solid foundation
  • Content strategy
  • Digital PR to drive organic traffic and results
  • Copywriting and inbound marketing
  • PPC

Technical SEO Audit – £5,000

This includes a backlog of recommendations supplied via a ticketing system and delivered straight to the developers. We prioritise issues and hold you accountable for moving FAST. Improving website performance is essential – I can’t state this emphatically enough – when you’re up against the competition there’s no hope while you’re driving with the handbrake on.

  • Make your website crawlable, improving pageload speeds and bringing efficiencies to crawl budget (for sites with >over 50k indexable pages)
  • Highlighting and fixing duplicate content issues
  • Technical implementations can and should be correlated back directly to financial benefit
  • Javascript handling and server-side rendering to help search engine crawlability

Content Strategy – £3,000 per month

Our SEO service is designed around robust goals which we’ll align with KPI’s that are important to you.

  • Content strategy includes a gap analysis and competitor IA audit.
  • Quickly understanding where the ceiling is and capping out for each product and category keyword bucket
  • A site hierarchy and 12-monthly content plan that comes with page outlines, meta titles and descriptions and a tightly focussed keyword list which is prioritised by its ability to generate revenue via online sales and sign-ups
  • Landing page optimisation for key commercial terms
  • Ongoing optimisation and recommendations for content that really works and where we identify these success doubling down, over-delivering on ROI.
  • The ability to scale. FAST.
  • SEO is hard baked into the information architecture and we identify internal linking opportunities and focus obsessively on keywords that drive the maximum possible revenue.

For 90% of keyword volume, the battle can be fought and won with good technical practice and a solid content strategy.

  • Focus on keywords that deliver revenue and build landing pages at the category and product level, analysing what works and executing this on rest of the website.
  • Be data-driven and constantly strive to improve on results. Aim for compound year on year growth, measuring incremental increases week on week. Which directory entrances produce the greatest conversions? Double down on successful bets, rinse and repeat. Site-wide.
  • Create opportunity scores that multiply volume by PPC cost and prioritise keyword buckets by ROI.
  • Top of funnel informational intent can be serviced in secondary or tertiary waves of content when you’ve capped out on the head, relentlessly focussing on taking total market-share and constantly expanding.

Digital PR – £10,000 per month

In order to drive phenomenal return it’s critical to own as many of the dependencies as possible when it comes to driving organic performance.

Our content marketing offering is split along a 30 – 70 ratio – balancing traditional link building tactices with digital PR and outreach.

We balance traditional link development with future-proof digital PR & Content Marketing, helping to guarantee organic success and content placement.

  • Links from reputable websites who themselves have organic traffic is the only viable approach to delivering sustainable growth
  • All link-building work should align with the tone and aesthetic of your brand and deliver much more than organic visibility. We’ll build a brand, not a company.
  • We’ll align our content strategy with specific campaigns, delivering phenomenal ROI and demonstrating success in referral and direct traffic as well as organic
  • We’ll deliver non-homepage traffic as well as providing clear reporting to demonstrate the impact on your business’s KPI’s.

We’ve formed tents around content marketing work, which includes:

  1. An absolute veto on any paid links or black hat techniques
  2. Alignment with the brands we represent
  3. A commit to be proactive in influencing you to create content, stories and site experiences worthy of mention (to help earn links).

Deliverables include

  • Press visibility in high-quality publications relevant to your audience
  • Increases in:
    – Referral traffic
    – Direct traffic
    – Organic positions
  • Measurable impact on your primary goals; registrations, sales or organic traffic. Overall – bottom line revenue will be positively affected

Earning links – not building

  • Create product buying guides off-site
  • Opinion pieces with real value from (often) controversial or bold perspectives
  • Badges and widgets for commercial partners (using gamification to enhance interaction)
  • Interviews
  • Journalist Requests
  • Content Marketing

Website Design – £2,000

We charge £2,000 to build and design a 10-page website and conduct the consultation with you, in Reading. Additional pages can be supplied in line with a monthly retainer for content and SEO. Service includes logo design, domain registration, business email accounts and copywriting.

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