Choosing a dot com or a dot co dot UK (or even a dot org) – things to consider when you’re choosing the domain extension for your online business.

  1. .com isn’t everything; Generic (gTLD) top level domains can help show relevance in a certain industry ie. for charities a .org is often superior to .com because of the tie-in with the tone and brand of onsite content.
  2. Country-code (ccTLDs) are superior for local CTR. I’ve previously run A/B experiments for a large business insurance provider (on Paid Search) testing CTR to a local ccTLD ( versus CTR to a generic .com for a highly commercial keyword and found that the ccTLD had an 18% greater CTR over a month of testing. Where the customer is searching for a product with a high-cost trust is key in influencing CTR.
  3. Go with a TLD that relates to your business, such as .agency for a digital marketing agency
  4. Can you tie in the domain extension with your business name? Farillio do this brilliantly with their domain:
  5. gTLDs can be used to create unique and memorable domain names.
  6. If your service is local consider a hyper-local domain extension  – so a plumber in London with a .london address will generally gain an advantage in CTR over competitors, even those that rank in a higher position if they have a generic domain extension.
  7. Factor SEO into your decision making. Tell-tale spam TLDs such as .xyz could result in less trust for your website in search results
  8. Ultimately the domain extension isn’t going to affect SEO – but it will affect CTR, which directly correlates with traffic. Ensuring brand, location and your service offering all halo into the domain extension is a key first step to your business getting found online.
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