Twitter is still very much relevant for social media marketing and at my SEO agency we work with huge corporations that prioritise Twitter as the most important channel for direct comms with customers. As of a poll recently conducted, 85% of our clients confirmed that Twitter is their most important platform to provide customer service.

Twitter has a loyal following of around 330 million daily active users which is a huge market to tap into.

According to Twitter, their customer service interactions have increased by 250% in the last two years.

Twitter ad prices are decreasing according to their latest quarterly report. However overall ad engagement has increased by 99% year-over-year, thanks to the continuing shift towards video advertisements.

A big e-commerce retailer (personalised gifting) that I work with follows the principle that the ideal amount to tweet to customers is 7 to 14 times per day.

Again, it’s particularly important to identify the tone and identity of your brand when choosing which platform you choose to push out communications to your audience.

There are a couple of helpful sources that allow you to make the most of the content your business pushes out on Twitter or other social media platforms. Again – my agency has found that it’s not how you share, but what.

Tools to help manage your social media output:

  • SocialDrift is an Instagram marketer’s best friend – it automates Instagram interactions, which helps to organically increase follower count.
  • Buffer allows you to multi-manage all social media platforms and ensures all posts are unique
  • MavSocial allows you to make graphics and videos for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Unsplash – a database of gorgeous, high-resolution, watermark-free images to use for your posts (on Medium for example)
  • Canva – an intuitive platform for creating infographicsYotpo for business reviews – Yotpo’s Social Curation feature collects posts relevant to a brand and helps these businesses contact users for permission to use their posts online
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