The Hummingbird of Hip Hop

20th August 2018

Here are the Alexa ranked 3 major Hip Hop websites. This was the case in April 2016.

SITE Rank World Rank US
HotNewHopHop 800 224
WorldStar 1.7k 600
HipHopDX 15k 5k

Note – The closer to 1 the better, so in this example the highest ranked site is HotNewHipHop, the lowest is Power 1051 FM.

To give you some context, is no.1 in the world.

See below for further breakdown of Hip Hop sites’ traffic scores and the keyword volumes for each site.

Statistics provided by SEMrush.

Top Four Hip Hop sites in reverse order


Kanyetothe was at its height in April 2017 with 237K organic traffic monthly. It’s since been tailing off.

129K Traffic Monthly

113K keywords traffic


1.1M Traffic Monthly

460K keywords

HipHopDX took a huge hit after the Fred update in Feb 2017 – coming down from 2M monthly organic traffic to 570K in 6 months. They’re now  at approximately 1.1M per month.

hiphopdx traffic


In March 2017 Hot New was at a high of 5.7 M monthly organic traffic and dropped to a low of 2.7M in July 2017. They’ve since partially recovered.

4.5M Traffic Monthly

745K keywords traffic


6.1M Traffic Monthly

196K keywords

In December 2017 World Star were at 14M organic traffic per month. Algo updates have more than halved that to 6M monthly Traffic

Note how Kanyetothe, HipHopDx and HotNewHipHop all lost traffic from the dates Feb/March/April 2017 – post Fred update, and WorldStar lost traffic from January 2018. All the major Hip Hop sites have largely have been hit by recent algorithm updates related to quality and relevancy.

The Top 10 hip hop sites in USA overall:

Site Description Time on Site per user Pageviews per Visitor % of Traffic From Search
Total Referring Domains
1 Up to date news, reviews, and one of the biggest collection of hip hop Links. 2:32 1.8 46.50% 2,559
2 Hip-hop and R&B news, new music, photos, and videos. 2:35 1.6 31.60% 1,752
3 For 20 years, The Source has been the leading international voice for the ever-evolving world o…More 1:31 1.2 57.60% 1,871
4 Urban website dedicated to Hip-Hop culture. Includes blogs, artist news and forums. 2:48 2.4 36.10% 1,177
5 Official site. News, discography, audio, video, photos, forum, and merchandise. 2:11 1.93 15.70% 1,325
6 Hip hop website that features the news, music, and videos in hip hop culture. 2:09 2 21.80% 859
7 Home of the Electronic Urban Report (EUR) 2:10 1.3 43.50% 3,283
8 Audio of albums and radio shows. Includes a chat room and message boards. 1:33 1.6 61.20% 743
9 A site dedicated to Hip-Hop. Latest news, reviews and interviews. 2:22 2.1 12.40% 537
10 Features news, views and commentary on artists and personalities of the Atlanta entertainment s…More 2:08 1.7 43.70% 660


What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results.

Machine learning is where a computer teaches itself how to do something, rather than being taught by humans or following detailed programming.

Google said that, “In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query.”

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